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8 Signs Your Child Needs Braces


Does Your Child Really Need Braces?

Before we get to the signals, most parents are always unsure if their kid truly needs braces. Braces have a significant impact on your child’s overall dental health, beyond looks. 

If your youngster has a misaligned bite and straight teeth can relieve strain off that region and reduce wear and tear, braces improve oral care by improving the mouth’s alignment.

When teeth are crowded, crooked, or overlapping, they may become difficult to clean properly. Bacteria and plaque can accumulate if this occurs, resulting in cavities and gum disease. Braces straighten teeth, making basic oral care and cleaning more efficient.

Dental treatment by our Children Dentist Las Vegas may also help children who have speech difficulties. When teeth are out of position excessively or too far in, this may have a detrimental influence on the way a youngster pronounces. Braces alter the location of teeth, frequently eliminating speech issues as a consequence!

We all know why your child may need braces, so let’s get started!

Kids braces

How to Tell If Your Child Requires Braces

Dental care will vary from child-to-child, but it most often occurs between 8 and 14 years old.

Braces Are Usually Recommended When:

An overbite is present in your child – When the upper teeth overlap the bottom teeth, this is known as an overbite. If you can’t see your child’s bottom teeth when they bite down, they probably have an overbite. When overbites are severe, they can lead to oral problems; the sooner you seek help, the better.

Your youngster has an underbite – which is identical to an overbite but with the exception that the bottom set of teeth protrudes. This can be a major issue if your child falls or has a face trauma because these teeth take all of the impact.

Your child’s teeth have a huge gap between them – When teeth have too much space between them, food can get stuck between them, causing discomfort and tooth rot.

Your child’s teeth don’t meet on either side — Teeth that don’t connect on both sides of the mouth may indicate a crossbite, which causes uneven wear and tear over time.

Your child has crooked teeth – Crooked teeth are the most common reason parents seek Dental treatment for their children. Teeth become crooked as a result of children’s lack of space for adult teeth or their jaw structure’s inability to accommodate them.

Your child is having difficulties with his or her speech – It could be related to the alignment of your child’s teeth if they have a lisp or difficulty saying specific words. Make an appointment with one of our Pediatric Dentist Las Vegas to see if braces or speech therapy would be a better fit for your child.

Your youngster is having difficulty eating or biting – It can be difficult for your youngster to eat when his or her teeth are misaligned. When their teeth are misaligned, they are also more likely to bite their cheeks and tongue.

Your youngster has pain in his or her mouth or jaw – Your child may not show visible indicators such as an overbite or a huge gap in their teeth, but they may be suffering from mouth or jaw pain as a result. To get to the core of their underlying discomfort, they should schedule a Dental consultation.

Braces For Kids

Schedule A Pediatric Consultation Today!

If you’re still unsure if braces are appropriate for your child because they exhibit any of the symptoms listed above, such as an underbite or speech issues, contact our Dental Office for a consultation.

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