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What is your favorite vacation destination? Why?
For me and my family, it’s Disneyland.

Yeah, we like a lot of different places, but what beats the happiest place on earth?

On a visit to Disneyland a few years ago, I had a thought – “Why can’t my dental office be more like a visit to Disneyland?” Let’s face it, visiting an dentist is probably not very high on your list of fun things to do with your family.

I’d like to think we have changed that. It wasn’t easy though. We had to get a new, larger building to house the practice. I wanted to create something that was bigger and better than what you find at other dental offices.

I contacted several architects (who specialize in dental and orthodontic offices) to help me design the layout of the building. When we got their proposals back, the space for the arcade was about the size of a closet.

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They told me “nobody in the industry does this” and that I was “crazy” to be sacrificing the space for more chairs (which would mean less revenue for me) to build an arcade.

The architects tried their best to talk me out of the idea, but I finally had to put my foot down and say if they weren’t willing to make it happen for me, I’d have to find someone else who would.

I was shocked I had to fight so hard to get this to happen, but it was worth it. Now, kids dentist las vegas have something that is unlike any other experience you will find in a dental office.

I knew this office was a winner when my own kids started begging me to take them with me to work. We’ve combined award winning doctors and state-of-the-art technology with an enjoyable experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

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Our clinic offers comprehensive solutions for all of your dental needs.

When you come in, enjoy some soft serve ice cream with your family. Your kids will love our arcade. In fact, many of our patients have siblings who happily come with them to their appointments so they can take advantage of our fun and exciting office.
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Children’s Care

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