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How Can a Pediatric Dentist Help You?

Pediatric dentist checking oral health of kid

The objective of any dentist, whether it’s a general or specialty location, is to ensure that the patient has a healthy and attractive smile. However, thanks to advancements in technology and a deeper understanding of how our bodies function at various points throughout our lives, there are specialists who specialize in different dental fields. Did you know that a dentist can be both a general and a pediatric dentist? We’re here to discuss the differences between the two and why it’s critical for dental clinics to have both on staff.

Pediatric Dentist

So What Exactly Is The Difference Between A Children’s Dentist And A General Dentist?

A pediatric dentist is just focused on oral health in children, whereas a general dentist treats both adults and youngsters. A pediatric dentist is one who has a doctoral degree (DDS or DMD first, then 2 years of residency training in pediatric dentistry) and extensive experience dealing with children’s oral health issues. Children as young as six months old can visit the best pediatric dentist in Las Vegas, and they may continue to do so until they are teenagers.

As a rule of thumb, many children will turn 18 and move from a pediatric dentist to a general dentist. Children’s mouths and teeth are nearly completely developed at this age, and they have frequently undergone orthodontic treatment.

Pediatric dentists also use specific equipment made to match the size of a toddler’s mouth during operations such as tooth cleaning or x-rays in order to avoid uncomfortable treatments. Children’s dentists, such as our own here at the kids dentist of las vegas, have a soothing demeanor and nurturing disposition that assists in keeping youngsters calm during their checkups. All of the personnel on staff are trained to manage children with similar difficulties sitting quietly or who outwardly refuse treatment in the office.

pediatric dentist

A pediatric dentist understands that every youngster’s dental care demands are different, which is why each one of them receives a unique treatment or preventive strategy in a kid-friendly environment. In the case of an injury to a youngster’s teeth as a result of rough-housing or sports activity, all children’s dentists may also be required to provide urgent dental treatment.

The kids dentist of Las Vegas is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can provide emergency dental services to both youngsters and adults.

They’ll take over where your child dentist left off in terms of general dentists. The majority of people are now young adults who want wisdom tooth removal, aesthetic enhancements like teeth whitening or dental crowns, and other treatments.

Dental professionals can also help ensure that individuals have maintained healthy oral habits from childhood to adulthood by providing recommendations and referrals. Your dentist and our staff will collaborate to develop a treatment plan that includes any additional smile adjustments as well as work to prevent or treat cavities, gum disease, and other oral health issues.

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