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How can Digital X-rays benefit your health?

Digital X-rays

Dentists can diagnose and treat various dental and mouth diseases using dental imaging. Our office consistently employs the most advanced technology because patient safety is our top priority. Digital dental x-rays have replaced the conventional methods used to assess oral health.

Several complications were associated with older, more conventional X-ray procedures, including difficulty waiting, preparing, and processing the film. Dental X-rays have been revolutionized by digital radiography, not only in the way they are taken but also in how professional dentists operate.

Today, patients can access digital x-rays at Pediatric Dentist Las Vegas. The dentist is less likely to face legal action, and the patient has a more pleasant experience. Digital dental x-rays are less expensive, faster, more precise, and safer than conventional radiography. As well as saving dental health documents more quickly, digital x-rays allow you to review them anytime.

In contrast to an analog x-ray machine, a computer has an almost infinite capacity for storing digital x-ray pictures. Consequently, you will not lose some of your health information when you switch dentists.

What is the process of digital X-ray technology?

There are some similarities between traditional and digital dental X-rays. Digital radiography is performed by inserting a sensor into the patient’s mouth, which captures pictures of their teeth. A traditional X-ray versus a digital X-ray is a question of where there is a divide. Despite looking like the film used for conventional X-rays, the digitized sensor is connected to a computer.

During the procedure, you and the dentist can view the photos as they are taken. Essentially, digital radiography is created by combining computer technology with sensing devices and extremely brief radiation exposures. After the sensor is inserted into the mouth and projected onto a computer display, the picture develops practically immediately. The film is not needed with this process.

Digital X-Rays Have Many Advantages

To detect dental problems, dentists use x-rays since they cannot detect these disorders by simply looking inside a patient’s mouth. A computerized x-ray image is becoming the norm for dental clinics across the country, just as films and video recorders have shifted from film to digital. Las Vegas dentists and some Summerlin dentists are examples of dental practices in prominent locations.

Digital X-Ray

Dental X-rays will not harm you, so you do not need to be worried about potential side effects when you have them done again. Digital radiography can offer you several advantages over conventional radiography:

It reduced radiation exposure.

Radiation is frequently cited as a primary concern by patients. A digital imaging procedure exposes the patient to 70 percent less radiation than film scanning. It is entirely risk-free to use digital x-ray imaging. An individual is exposed to 0.005 Millisieverts of radiation daily, far less than that given by a digital dental x-ray.

Despite the lower radiation dose of digital x-rays compared to traditional x-rays, dentists still use lead aprons. Additionally, digital x-rays usually require fewer retakes due to problems such as inadequate exposure, poor posture, or other factors, resulting in less radiation exposure when combined with digital x-rays.

Images are immediately available.

A professional, on the other hand, must process the film in a darkroom for several minutes before examining it. Dental professionals can view photos taken with an electronic camera almost immediately. As a result of the immediate results, a diagnosis can be made much faster. No waiting is required for digital radiography. 

Computer screens can display photos almost immediately after they have been taken. Patients and dentists benefit from this, but dentists performing dental procedures and need information at the same time also benefit.

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Image optimization

With the software supplied with digital radiography equipment, x-ray pictures can be improved quickly, which is very easy. An image can be scaled, contrasted, or brightened, all of which can make locating an issue simpler, depending on the circumstances. Increasing contrast and improved visualization are possible thanks to digital imaging technology.

Additionally, patients can identify any existing issues more quickly when their dentist examines their x-rays. Dental scanners can provide dentists with essential information due to their high resolution and precision. Computers can capture dental images by taking pictures of the teeth and the gums.

Saving time and money

Early detection may be improved using digital x-rays, which reduces the number of treatments needed. By avoiding more intrusive procedures, patients can save money and time. Despite the initial investment in digital imaging technology being more costly, digital radiography is cheaper, better for the environment, and results in less chemical waste in the long run.

digital x-ray of teeth

An Easy Procedure

There are many strange sights and smells that you will encounter at a dentist’s office that makes patients uneasy. As a result, you will be glad to learn that digital imaging methods provide a far more pleasant experience than analog methods. In contrast to a typical x-ray, you will not need to wear as many layers of lead protective covers. Since digital radiography employs a sensor, lengthy procedures of scanning your teeth or biting down for extended periods are no longer necessary. As a result, these steps are no longer necessary.


By avoiding the use of chemicals for film processing, digital x-rays offer a way to reduce pollution. Dental professionals do not have to use any chemicals that they would otherwise discard when creating digital photographs. Chemicals are not used in radiological imaging to develop the film.

As a Conclusion

At Kids Dentist Of Las Vegas, our staff strives to provide our patients with the most advanced dental technology. Contact our office whenever convenient for you to get more information about the benefits of technological advancements.

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