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Pediatric Dentistry: Helping Children Stay Healthy & Happy

Pediatric Dentistry

We want you to know that your child is in safe hands when it comes to oral health at The Kid’s Dentist Of Las Vegas. We take pride in the pediatric dentistry we provide. 

At our Las Vegas pediatric dental office, we understand that pediatric dental care is different from the dentistry that adults receive. In this blog post, you’ll learn about some of the unique solutions we provide when it comes to oral health and how pediatric dentists can help address oral health problems head-on.

For some children, going to the dentist can create anxiety and stress. While it is very important for your child to get their dental health managed by a pediatric dentist, it is also important for us to recognize this challenge and do everything in our power to overcome it. 

We offer pediatric dental care for kids and provide them with an environment that they feel completely comfortable in. Allow us to go into greater detail about how we make life easier for the children we treat and their parents as well. 

Our Pediatric Dentist Las Vegas will make sure that your child’s teeth are healthy, setting them up for a lifetime with beautiful smiles. For children who are anxious or have special needs, we offer pediatric sedation services. Pediatric dentistry specialists are on our staff to provide treatments that address your child’s unique oral health needs. 


At The Kid’s Dentist Of Las Vegas, we treat kids of all ages up to 17 years old. We also treat children with special needs such as down syndrome, autism, and cerebral palsy. We are proud to offer a staff that provides special attention to each individual child and who loves working around children. We treat your children with the same amount of attention and care as we would our own. 

In addition to a highly trained staff and excellent dental care, we do some things that most other pediatric dental offices cannot match. We have a game room unlike any other in Las Vegas where kids can play all kinds of fun games. We also provide soft-serve ice cream as a treat to patients and their guests. Even if your child is not currently a patient, come on by our office, take a look, and get some soft-serve ice cream.

We spent an incredible amount of time and money making sure that our patients and their families have the best experience possible. So much so that when we spoke with contractors about making adjustments to the office to accommodate a larger game room, they looked at us like we were crazy.

They said, “nobody in the industry does this.” That was when we knew we were making the right decision. We want to provide an experience unlike any other. 

pediatric dentist

Our patients love visiting our office. It’s not uncommon for them to bring other siblings and even friends along for their appointment. Many parents have even suggested that they would love to see and visit a dental office that did something like that for adults. 

At the end of the day, our greatest concern is for the health of our patients, but there is no reason why visiting a pediatric dentist shouldn’t be fun. Eliminating or decreasing fear and anxiety are just one of the ways we help kids improve their oral health while making life easier for their parents as well. 

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