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Preventing Tooth Decay In Children’s

Dentist checking a kids teeth

Do you know one kid in every four children gets tooth decay at age 4? It is getting common in children of the modern age day by day. It might be the reason that we neglect baby teeth, assuming them to be temporary. 

You’ll be surprised to know about the significance of baby teeth in the development of adult teeth. As they save space for the permanent teeth, if it gets damaged too early, room for mature teeth can be affected.


What is tooth decay?

Tooth decay is the damage of tooth enamel, which is the outermost hard layer on a tooth. A brownish black color develops on the tooth that is decaying. It can also lead to holes in the teeth, known as cavities.

Signs and symptoms

Tooth decay is different for each child, but the most common signs are:

  • White spots appear as an early sign but harder to see.
  • A light brown color cavity appears as a middle stage. It is easily detectable.
  • Dark brown or black color cavities. It is a critical stage and needs to be checked instantly.

If you’ve started noticing any of these symptoms then you need to visit a Dentist, so Contact The children dentist las vegas by Scheduling a session online or Call us at 702-454-1008.

Causes of tooth decay

It is always caused by bacteria. But how does it develops? What spreads the bacteria or activates it? Babies are usually on a liquid or semi liquid diet, and most of their dietary intake is milk. Well, milk is undoubtedly healthy for your baby’s nourishment, but it contains sugars. And when this sugar remains on the baby’s teeth for long periods, it converts into acid by the bacteria, leading to tooth decay.


How to prevent tooth decay?

Prevention is better than cure. You can not afford your loved one’s tooth to get decay, so you have to prevent it. Here are a few ways by which you can stop the bacteria from developing.


Make your kid brush and floss regularly

father and son cleaning teeth with dental floss

Good oral hygiene is the foremost thing when it comes to preventing tooth decay. If your kid is above brushing twice a day, he is unlikely to develop cavities. Wipe the gums of an infant with a soft cloth.


Opt fruits instead of juices

Fresh juices are considered healthy without any second thought. Regardless, surprisingly, health specialists don’t recommend juice for children under 6 months of age. And if you’re giving juice to your baby, it must be diluted with water. Juices have tons of sugar, which is harmful to oral health.


Limit sugary foods and candies

You have to limit any food that contains excessive sugar. Your 2 year old loves to get chocolates as a reward, but you have to take care of his oral health too. So try to avoid giving him extra candies and sugary foods.


Minimize the use of sipping cups

When a kid is using a sipping cup, he is more addicted to it. He is always on fluids and preferably milk. At 2-4 years of age, lessen the use of feeding bottles or sipping cups. It will reduce the consumption of sugar, or at least set a time for consumption of it.


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