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Sore Mouth in children: What to do

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You can find several reasons why your child may suffer from a sore mouth and gums as they grow. Following are just a few of the main causes.

  • Getting braces: When your child first gets braces, it takes time for their mouth to adjust to them. As well, soreness can result from them being adjusted or tightened during treatment.
  • Canker sores: These sores may develop on the inside of the mouth. Symptoms include bleeding, pain, and general soreness.
  • Injury to the mouth: A blow to the teeth, gums, or jaw could leave them with a sore mouth.
  • Cavities: The pain of a cavity can often radiate to other parts of the mouth, causing discomfort far beyond the cavity itself.

It is important to do whatever it takes to bring your child relief from sore mouth and gums, no matter what the cause is. In an uncomfortable situation, your child can typically find some comfort in several ways at your disposal.

The best pediatric dentist in las vegas often treats children who have sore, painful mouths. Here is some advice we often give to parents and children to help ease their pain.

Sore Mouth

1. Apply ice to Sore Mouth

When your child complains of sore mouth and gums, apply cold temperatures to the area. Ice can be added to a ready-made bag, or a zip-top bag can be filled with it. Before applying the jaw bag, make sure you wrap it with a thin towel. Don’t let the ice touch your skin or teeth directly.

An expert tip: use frozen peas to make an ice pack. Small bags can be molded to fit your child’s face perfectly.

2. Salt water rinse for Sore Mouth 

Bacteria may be to blame for your child’s sore mouth and gums. If so, a saltwater rinse can be effective at killing harmful bacteria as well as at mitigating their effects. A teaspoon of salt should be dissolved in a glass of warm water, and your child should swish the water around for 30 seconds before spitting it out. Make sure younger children don’t swallow the water.

3. Apply dental wax to a Sore Mouth

Patients suffering from orthodontic treatment can get relief from their pain by using dental-grade wax. Wax should be applied to a bracket or wire that rubs against the cheek. It is a temporary solution, but it can help in the short term. To ensure a permanent fix, contact the pediatric orthodontist right away.

medicated mouthwash

4. Medicated mouthwash

A medicated gel such as Orajel can relieve the pain from sore mouth and gums. They help alleviate pain for a short period of time by applying benzocaine directly to the affected area. If you plan to use it for a young child, make sure you follow all instructions.

5. Pain relievers for Sore Mouth

In cases where other pain relief methods don’t work, try over-the-counter medications like Tylenol or Ibuprofen. While these medications won’t fix the underlying problem that causes sore mouths and gums, they should provide some relief. Dosages are typically administered based on weight, not the age when administering pain relievers to children. Consult your pediatrician before administering any medication.

6. Ask your pediatrician

A sore mouth or gums for longer than a day is an indication that you should contact The Kid’s dentist in Las Vegas. During a complete checkup, your child will be able to identify the underlying problem. A simple visual examination is often sufficient for children, but occasionally pediatric dental x-rays are required.

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